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A Lovely Weekend

It was a wonderful (for the most part) weekend.


Friday night we had rehearsal for Barefoot. It went okay. We started backwards, at Act 3, and that really threw me for a loop, as well as some of the other actors. There’s such a natural progression of our emotions when we go from start to finish, but it’s hard to harness those feelings and act in the same way when you start at the end. Nevertheless, we got through it. Until Act 1, when cramps took over my life and I could barely stand up. I have the greatest director in the world, though, and she allowed us to run lines – which we did in British accents. Sometimes actors are weird. I like it. The show opens in less than two weeks and I am so jazzed about it.

Saturday I took the day off from everything and stayed on the couch all day watching YouTube and snuggling with my cat babies. I was still in pain from my previously mentioned ailment, and couldn’t be bothered. I somehow ended up watching Scream 4 (I do not do scary movies), and that led to me calling it a night around 9. I then went on to dream I was competing in a bikini competition. Not likely, but a fun dream.

My director had given me free tickets to see the musical at our professional theatre on Sunday afternoon, so I took my best friend to see The Robber Bridegroom. It’s set in Mississippi and was a whole lot of fun. If you ever get the chance to see this show, I recommend it. Fun story, sets, and songs. We spent the rest of the night catching up on Breaking Bad and My Name Is Earl – our go-to shows when we hang out.

Yesterday, I did a dinner show with my dinner theatre group. The restaurant we performed at, Char, was so sweet to cook our food to mine and Keni’s Whole 30 needs. And that filet tasted just as good without butter (if I keep telling myself that, it may come true…) It was a fun crowd with a birthday and bachelorette party, and I think we kept everyone entertained. Summer is my favorite time because I get to focus on acting alone. It’s what I love, love, love to do and hope I get to keep it up my entire life.

Have a beautiful week! Don’t let this Monday-esque Tuesday get you down.


3 thoughts on “A Lovely Weekend

  1. Hope Whole 30’s going well for you! I did it during the fall semester this year and it was tough (mostly because I was at conferences 2 weekends while I was doing, eek!) it but a really good experience!


    1. Thank you! I just hit Day 10 today, and with a few days where I felt like I was in a total fog, it’s been great so far! The challenging part is approaching, though. I’m heading to Georgia for a family wedding tomorrow. Eek!


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